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Vibe 2.2

Visual Information Broker Enterprise (VIBE) is an IDE that enables autoimation of design and development of infrastructure components for cross-platform/language applications. Infrastructure support includes code generation for Relational to Object mappers, XML to Object mappers etc. Supported RDBMS are Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL Server. VIBE also has support for JMS compliant leading Messaging products like IBM MQ, TIBCO RV etc. Apart from Infrastructure support VIBE also ships with a Business Rule Engine, which enables application developers to de-couple Business logic from their application code. VIBE GUI enables developers/Business Analysts to define Rules using VIBE BRE graphical toolkit. A well defined XML interface enables rule definition. Applictions using VIBE BRE will be more robust and flexible to those applications which have the Business Logic hard wired. VIBE and VIBE BRE dramatically reduce time to market of your application.


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