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NeoTrace Pro 3.25

This enhanced traceroute program gives you more feedback about failed connections than most other traceroute programs. If you cannot reach a particular site on the Internet, you can use NeoTrace to test the site before calling your ISP to complain. Most often, you will discover that your ISP's network is just fine and that the network your favorite site is on is actually the problematic one. By using NeoTrace, you will enhance your understanding of your network connection, the sites you visit, and the machines to which you connect. Features include printer and HTML output, a detailed Whois display, international domain support, continuous ping update availability, configurable node labels, instant browser access to nodes, automatic update checking, and more. NeoTrace Pro also includes hacker reporting to HackerWatch, mail server tracing, expanded geographical data, a powerful new map engine, and more.

The latest version of NeoTrace Pro adds Internet Explorer integration, Node View, expanded geographical data, and more.


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