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Color Picker 1.8

Color Picker is a small (100x50 pixel on screen) utility to let you find out the RGB Hex Code of the color of anywhere of you screen. This is especially useful if you are writing HTML web page or want to paint a picture with a specific color. With a great demand of the hex code copying function, we finally employed. This package comes with Color Scroller. Color Scroller is a great companion for Color Picker. You can select the color from a color box which has two axis, saturation and hue. And then change its intensity by varying its luminance value. This is done because the color value, the hex code would not vary with the quality of your display card and monitor. You should discover that Color Picker picks only the color on your screen, not to generate the color, there may be a small difference with the actual value. However, the small error can be ignored since nobody would see it by bare eyes only.

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